How La Liga is Deceptively the Best Soccer League in the World


The question frequently brought up in Facebook groups, Reddit groups, etc, is

which soccer league is the best league in the world. A significant majority believe that the British Premier League is the best due to the competitiveness that surrounds the league title every year. But while that competitiveness makes for great viewing, does that mean it’s the best league in the world or does it mean that the football tactically speaking hasn’t really changed? La Liga, while being mainly a two team league between Barcelona and Real Madrid in years past, has recently seen different teams take a firm grasp of european football, including the Spain national team which won a world cup and could potentially win another in the future with all the young talent coming through. La Liga is not only producing great players but it’s also helped change the way football is played both in Spain and world-wide. International play and League play is making them raise their level of play not only in domestic cups but also european cups. While english teams are competitive in Europe, their lack of getting teams to the finals has actually almost cost them the glorified 4th spot entry into the champions league (for those who aren’t familiar with european football each league depending on the success they have in Europe either has the top 3 teams or in the premier leagues case 4 teams of their league play in the champions league) something that would change how the top 4 teams play because of the money that is made getting into the champions league. Had Juventus won against Bayern Munich in 2016 we could possibly be looking at only 3 teams fighting for a spot in the champions league. La Liga on the other hand has been constantly fielding winning european teams in both the champions league and the Europa league. Until the premier league can replicate the constant success that la liga has produced on both the european and world stage, I believe La Liga is the top league in the world even with a two team title run which is slowly starting to change but that’s a topic I’ll get to next time. Until then enjoy this golden era of football.

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