What we Learned Week 7

Week 7 comes to a close with the Giants and Falcons matchup no one wants to see. Not going to lie, this has been a decent week in terms of things we’ve learned. We got Blake Bortles looking like he just got his sister pregnant, the Dolphins being who they are (losers), and Justin Tucker finally looks like a normal kicker! Let’s take a look at what we learned!

Bortles Looks like Crap

Well it’s no secret the Jaguars aren’t the same. Who’s to blame? The elite defense that got them minutes away from a Super Bowl appearance? Or the quarterback who, 99% of the time, looks like complete horse crap (except against the Patriots).

Going 6/12 for 61 yards and 2 fumbles (5 this season) will probably get you benched. What also doesn’t help is 16.6 points per game for the offense. His 2018 campaign is a wreck. Jalen Ramsey, the biggest mouth in the game, is probably twitching at the fact he can’t call Bortles for what he is, garbage. The defense can only do so much. Yes, they had a hiccup by allowing 40 to the Cowboys last week. But other than that, they’ve held all their opponents to 20 points or under. But with a QB who doesn’t know his own foot from his ass, things are bound to blow up.

After the game, doors to the locker room were opened to the media. They walked into defensive end Yannick Ngakoue yelling at someone while being held back by Calais Campbell. So, clearly having a shitty QB will stir up problems on both sides of the ball. Let’s see if the Jaguars can get out of this funk.

They are who we Thought they were!

Thank you to legendary coach Dennis Green (R.I.P.) for that quote.

I’ll give the Dolphins credit. They’re 4-3 and have a decent QB in Tannehill with an okay-to-shit defense when healthy. But man were people fooled with that 3-0 start. With the injury bug biting them as of late, they might be without their QB on a short week and not too many healthy receivers. And with Albert Wilson most likely out with a hip injury, DeVante Parker seems like the only healthy person on the wide receiver depth chart. Even he had a falling out after be ruled out as a healthy scratch. His agent called out Adam Gase and said he was incompetent and that Gase has no reason not to play Parker, who hasn’t really excelled in the Dolphins offense since the 2016 season. What the fuck is going on in Miami? The agent doesn’t even want to ask for a release or trade. Stop being a pansy!

Let’s see if they can get back on track and avoid any major injuries moving forward. This team has toughness but you can’t beat injuries. I wouldn’t blame them if they lost to the Texans Thursday. But that 3-0 start was a façade.

You like that fancy c?

Justin Tucker Finally Missed

Justin Tucker finally missed an extra point. Before costing the Ravens the game by missing an extra point in a 23-24 loss to the Saints, he was 222 for 222. Not impressed? Tucker was 78 of 78 from kicks 33 yards in. Altogether, he’s 300 for 300 inside 33 yards his entire career until yesterday. He makes Gostkowski look like a chump. In a world now where kickers often cost you games more than win them, Tucker was the only sure thing. But somehow, someway, he missed the game tying extra point.

You might see a recurring pattern in my What we Learned articles. Kicker after kicker after kicker missing an important field goal to win or tie the game. Maybe the kicker should be heading out the door now, but that’s a different conversation for a different day. For now, they’ll be used as punching bags for us fans.

Buffalo has the Worst Offense in the League

At 11.6 ppg, the Bills just look horrid. They are a dinkleberry compared to last seasons playoff team. With Derek Anderson at the helm, they only managed 5 points.

In a year where the QB is protected vigorously and the offense has all the advantages, the Bills have the second worse yards per game with 234. Even Jacksonville with Blake Bortles have 355 ypg. This team has nothing to look forward to other than a top 10 draft pick; what else is new?

Well, that’s what I learned. I would mention Malcolm Jenkins and Eric Reid fighting, but the root of their problems stem from how different their ideals are in fighting for social justice. I’m not getting into politics, and this website isn’t about politics. It’s about sports and sports only. I hope you enjoyed this article, as I am finishing it up outside of a makeup store waiting for my girlfriend to end my suffering.

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