Kershaw Takes the Mound Tonight

Somehow, someway, this Red Sox team is in the World Series. With bullpen problems and a cast known for shaky performances the past few years, they got through all of that by beating the Yankees in 4, and Houston in 5. At this point, I’m take defeated (shoutout to Jim Murray of 98.5). This team has rallied around the criticism and doubt casted upon them nationally.

Here they are, facing Clayton Kershaw, LA’s ace. But just how many players on this roster have legitimate experience against the lefty?

I’m not sure if Kershaw has even been to Fenway before yesterday when MLB media drooled over him going to Fenway a day early. As dominant a pitcher Kershaw is, he’ll have a tough task ahead of him with a lineup that has been hitting well with players 1 through 9. The only trouble is, only 8 players have faced Kershaw ever in their careers, 3 being pitchers.

Drew Pomeranz, Ian Kinsler, Chris Sale, Joe Kelly, and Steve Pearce all have 3 or less appearances against the ace. Pomeranz was added to the roster today to replace Brandon Workman. It’s garbage replacing feces. Anyways, those 5 have gone 3/11, good for a .272 batting average. Not enough experience against this ace.

You know who does though? Brandon Phillips going 9/29 for a .310 batting average (isn’t even on the World Series roster), J.D. Martinez going 5/11 for a .455 batting average with 2 dingers, and the disaster infielder Eduardo Nuñez who is a horrifying 2/12 for a .167 batting average. Altogether, that’s a .307 average. I’m not saying the Sox don’t have a chance, but man that’s a tall order to fill for a team new to winning in the playoffs against a team who came within a few innings of winning last year.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers only have 5 players with experience against Sale with 3 having 5 at bats or fewer against the belly button ring. Brian Dozier and national douchebag Manny Machado having the most significant experience. Dozier went 12/42 for a batting average of .255 and 3 home runs. Douchebag Machado went 6/19 for a .316 batting average.

It’ll be tough for both pitchers but I expect Kershaw to be his usual dominant self in a close 3-1 game that the Dodgers win. Kershaw’s 4.09 postseason ERA vs Sale’s 5.85 postseason ERA. Let’s see who shits their pants the least!

Author: Chief

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