Hold My Drink Sports Merchandise

Full HMD logo

Hi everyone!

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you would probably know that one of my goals with this website was to get people to read/listen to the amazing writers and podcasters out there who deserve to be heard (and make some quality merch). Thank you for hanging in with us as we grow and try to introduce ourselves to the sports blogging world!

Before I give you a preview of the merch selections we have for you, I want to thank my friend Quincy for creating the two logos we’ve used throughout our almost 1 year of existence. These amazing logos couldn’t have happened without her, so thank you!

Follow her art page on Instagram: @quincyharding_art

And now, here’s a picture of our store…

Hold My drink store preview

None of this is possible without you, and your continued support means the world to us. Our goal with this merch is to invest into the blog, making it better for you the fans, but as we progress, we would love to use merchandise sales as a way of doing some good, such as contributing to a charity. We understand the platform we have, and we do not take that for granted; there is a lot of good we can do, and we hope you would join us on that journey.

That’s for later, but for now, this is your chance to show your pride. If you like what you see, use the link below and rep Hold My Drink Sports!


P.S., send us a picture of you wearing our merch and we’ll give you a discount code for your next purchase! Send it to @holdmysporttake on twitter or @holdmydrinksports on instagram!

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Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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