Overreactions from Red Sox Opening Day

Well, that certainly was a kick to the groin. The Red Sox, after going up 2 runs early on, got smacked upside the head by Seattle, losing 4-12. Not the best start, huh?

In just 3 innings of work, Sale gave up 7 runs on 76 pitches. Hector Velázquez didn’t do so hot, giving up 2 runs in just 2 innings. Listen, I’m not a fan of this game either, but there’s 162 games in a MLB season, this isn’t the end of the world!

If the first regular season game of any sport determined what the outcome would be for that team, then we’d have a problem. Hell, in 2004 and 2007 the Sox started off 0-1.

The reigning champs weren’t folding at the criticism last year, so what makes this year any different? Last year, they lost to Tampa 4-6 in the 1st game of the season. There was savage media coverage on the bullpen, who ended up having a historic performance in the playoffs, led by Eovaldi. Then bam! World Series champs! But since this is Boston, we’re spoiled fans who need negativity to get by sometimes. So please, enjoy these tweets I found during the the first of 162 games this season!




I’ll leave you with a positive tweet by the #1 Red Sox fan:

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Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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