Sean Payton’s Trash Talking… Again

Talking trash has been around for ages. In sports, it’s only natural to talk the talk. But wow, does Sean Payton think he’s a player or something? The nerve of this man to call out the recent coaching hires. WOW.

The age old question of does Belichick or Brady carry the Patriots will live in forever. To be fair, Belichick did get the Patriots to 11-5 with Matt Cassel. But Payton? What’s he done without Brees? What’s he accomplished lately other than chocking?

I know I seem like a stiff because of this. But it needs to be said. Payton was one of the people rooting for pass interference plays to be reviewed. One of the worst things imaginable. All because he lost to the Rams, his 2nd straight postseason choke. I’m not going to lie, that no-call was a joke, but one ruling that doesn’t go your way makes you try to change the rules in your favor? What a jackass.

This guy has a history of shit talking too.

In a December 2017 matchup between the Saints and Falcons, Payton made a choking sign towards the Falcons.

I get heat of the moment. But holy shit this guy is insane. It’s not even funny. At least when Belichick does it, it’s hilarious. He’s a respectable coach with 6 rings. And he didn’t choose to further egg on Thielen after they had some words for each other. Payton? 1 ring and 2 straight chokes in the playoffs. He’s the one that chokes and yet, he thinks he’s on top of the world.

Via Clutch Points

I’m not a big fan of Marcus Peters. Especially all the shit talk he did this year (off year for him). But Payton calling him out in the media does not sit well with me. If you’re a coach, keep it verbal and on the field. Oh but not Payton.

When asked about the matchup between Peters and Michael Thomas, Payton didn’t hold back. He said liked the matchup of Peters on Thomas. Peters responded saying they’ll meet again (I’m paraphrasing). And what happened? They met in the NFCCG and the Saints blew a 13 point lead. God does exist!

“a lot of mistakes made in that process” Payton said of offseason hiring of young coaches. “And so we’re excited to play those teams” Payton added.

He won’t even show professional courtesy. He said there was a bunch of hiring mistakes and that the Saints can’t wait to play them.

Can’t wait to play them? With that new rule of reviewing pass interference plays? Because you lost a game where you had a double digit lead, you have to ruin the league. It was said Payton even championed for the rule change. Absolutely insane! Yeah, Belichick wanted to have that rule implemented too awhile back, and I’ll rip him for that too. It’ll ruin the league. More 5 minute reviews for a play that’s already opinion based? What a load of barnacles.

I don’t hear this level of disrespect from Mike Tomlin. Pete Carroll. Jon Gruden. Doug Peterson. Belichick. All active head coaches who mind their business. Payton isn’t an elite coach. He won in 2009 and has failed to go back since then. This guy just needs to shut up. Why respect a coach who called for players heads in a bounty scandal? Intentionally injuring players for money? Fuck this guy.

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