BREAKING: Rob Gronkowski Retires

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After 9 seasons in the NFL, the Patriots tight end announced his retirement from the NFL on Instagram (Credit: Elise Amendola / The Associated Press)

The end of an era.

We began to see this day was coming, and 7 weeks after winning his third Super Bowl, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has announced his retirement from the NFL. Continue reading “BREAKING: Rob Gronkowski Retires”

Patriots Draft Picks since 2009

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Rob Gronkoswki (2nd round, 2010) and Julian Edelman (7th round, 2009) are two of the Patriots most successful players drafted over the last decade (Credit: Elsa/Getty Images)

With the NFL Draft less than 6 weeks away, I decided to do an exercise with the Patriots success in the draft (by round) since 2009.

Why 2009? There are only 4 players drafted prior to that year who contributed to the most recent run of championships in any way (Brady in 2000, Wilfork in 2005, Gostkowski in 2006, Slater in 2008).  The team’s past 10 drafts should serve to highlight how part of the roster has been built, and where the impact players have been found.

This is going off of a hunch that the Patriots have had more success in the mid-to-late rounds finding talent than the first two rounds; lets see if that is a fair assessment.

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Why Doesn’t Boston Care About Their College Teams?

Listen, I’m not the biggest college sports guy. I think the last full college game of any kind I watched was Deshaun Watson carrying Clemson to a national championship two years ago. As for watching a BC game or any game involving colleges in Massachusetts, I haven’t watched a full one since Tyrese Rice played for BC a decade ago. I might have watched a Reggie Jackson game awhile ago but who knows?

Is that bad? Continue reading “Why Doesn’t Boston Care About Their College Teams?”

Team Building is an Art

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Building a perennial winner is not easy, yet Bill Belichick has made it look like child’s play (Credit: Getty Images)

With free agency signings popping up left and right, we have officially entered the true madness of the NFL offseason.  I am a big fan of any sports offseason, and between now and through the draft in late April, we will see how the 32 teams in the NFL go about building their rosters in the hopes of success in 2019.

As is the case on the field, there is one team that is the best at building a roster, and knows how to set itself up for sustained success by making the right moves, and knowing how to show restraint; that team of course, is the New England Patriots.

The news we’ve heard from the Patriots thus far this offseason has more to do with the players that are leaving than joining the Super Bowl champions, but that’s not necessarily bad news. Sure, Trey Flowers and Trent Brown are talented players and deserved to be paid, but committing between $31.5 million and $32.5 million in AAV respectively to those two would have meant they’d be committing roughly 1/6 of their salary cap to Flowers and Brown; that’s not the Patriot Way. Continue reading “Team Building is an Art”

Michael Bennett to Patriots

3-time Pro Bowler Michael Bennett will reportedly be traded to the Patriots (via

Fredy and Nick break down the news on Michael Bennett being traded to New England


I don’t know if this is a good or bad idea. He was an absolute beast in Seattle and messed up any offense with his brute force and never give up will. But is this a good idea?

For Patriots fans, you know him as Marty’s brother. Or, the guy who started the fight against the Patriots at the end of the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl. Maybe this could work. But whenever the Patriots get a defensive lineman from trades or free agency, it hasn’t worked out well.

Kony Ealy, Aidrian Clayborn, and that tub of lard Albert Haynesworth. I’m sure there’s more but those come to mind who are decently big names. Will Bennett work out and prove he’s worthy of the contract he wants? Because this is looking like a 1-year prove it situation. Who knows?

I’m not going to deny Bennett had a decent year but I’m just not sure we need another douche. Maybe it’ll work out like it did with Harrison. But after how many failed DE’s am I suppose to feel safe. Him being added to the Eagles didn’t do much of a difference. Adding Greg Schiano won’t help either. When asked about playing for a stiff, Bennett didn’t forget to mention his former coach in Tampa. “I did that before. It wasn’t fun […] His name is Greg Schiano.” Also, he said Schiano had small man syndrome. Sheesh!

Hopefully he does good, but Bennett thinks he’s better than he is. Let’s hope the Patriot way sinks in (hookers and PEDS?).



This is a great deal.  The Patriots literally have a dozen draft picks this year, and are giving up a 2019 5th-rounder for him (more details on draft picks coming out as I type).  They’re getting him for cheap in that respect because of his contract, not his play.

Bennett was good last season.  He had 9 sacks and 30 QB hits (the latter a career high), was ranked as the 21st best edge rusher according to Pro Football Focus.  He was on a deep Eagles defense, but that team as a whole took a step back compared to their 2017 season.

I get the concerns about his behavior, but I think the fact that Marty liked this team so much, and the system we have in place (although the Schiano part is interesting) bodes well for Michael Bennett on this team.  He’s respected (Ernie Adams said he was the “top priority” in order for the Pats offense in succeeding in Super Bowl 49), and is still playing well.  If he’s a “headcase,” cut him and move on.

This is a great move, and my only worry with it is that it means Trey Flowers could be out the door… but imagine if both are on the team next season….

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