808’s and Anklebreaks Episode 2

On this episode of 808s & Ankle Breaks, Jonathan Kermah and Trevor Wilson discuss Migos and Drake’s “Walk It Talk It” music video, XXXTENTACION’s new album, Lebron James’ Instagram flexin’, the wild western conference in the NBA, and more. Special thanks to all the wholesome kings and top shelf ladies for giving this one a listen. Follow Jonathan and Trevor on Twitter, @jkermah98 and @TrevorWilsonOG.

Slap or Skip Playlist


Denzel Curry – “Uh Huh” feat. IDK


“Gucci Gang” 43 minute cut (listen at your own risk)

808daily – Guccigangdumblongremix

6ix9ine exposed by the Game on Instagram:



Square up play of the week:


The Final Piece?


anthony davis
Anthony Davis | @AntDavis23/Twitter


As the 2017-2018 season winds down for the Boston Celtics, you cannot help but have positive thoughts about the future.  The team is set to finish second in the conference, which would guarantee home court advantage through the first two rounds of the playoffs.  They are on pace to finish with 55 wins, 2 more than the team had last season. Young studs Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have played remarkably, filling in the role created by the injury of wing Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford and Kyrie Irving were All-Stars.  Injuries aside (and there have been many), the core at hand has many gleefully looking towards the future.

But is there one more move in store?

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Welcome to Hold My Drink Sports!

Thank you for visiting our website. Al, Nick, Osiel, Kerm, and Trevor and I have worked very hard to bring you this. Although there isn’t much, we have one article each for four sports leagues; NFL, NBA, MLB, and La Liga. This is our second time putting ourselves out there and our second time trying to do a podcast, so be patient with us as we work hard to bring you the best content from just a couple of people with opinions about sports. Remain faithful with us and you’ll see that Hold My Drink Sports will be big one day, and you can come along for the ride! Thank you for taking the time to read a grammar nazi’s nightmare of a post!

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Thank you to Nick for being our writer for the NBA, MLB, and NFL. You worked incredibly hard and make it look like you’ve been writing for the Boston Globe! I have full confidence in your abilities and it will get you somewhere in life! Check out his old posts on our old website https://fredymoran5344.wixsite.com/holdmydrink

Thank you to Al for having the idea of doing a podcast and the Bloody Knuckle name! You’re hot takes will be known to the world sooner than you’d expect. Thanks for kicking my ass by the way!

Big thank you to Osiel. your the podcast’s producer, but you also do a great job filling in last minute. Your skills with technology makes me and Al look like cavemen discovering fire for the first time. The podcast would probably be going nowhere if you hadn’t been willing to help and you’ve played a huge part in this now, and the future.

Thank you to Kerm and Trevor for allowing us to put their podcast 808’s and Ankle Breaks. You guys bring music and sports together better than anyone can!