Magic Johnson Steps Down as Lakers President of Basketball Operations

Who expected this!? No one! Look, he was already doing a bad job, but even then, I didn’t expect him to quit now!

Magic got the job in February of 2017. He started with dumping the 2nd pick of the 2015 N (who just brought the Nets to the playoffs after 4 years). Then, drafting a future Point Guard of his liking: Lonzo Ball. Unfortunately though, Ball has had some injuries that have taken him out of commission for weeks or months at a time so he’s never actually had time to progress or evolve into a player the Lakers want. It’s been only 2 years so I wouldn’t worry much now. But I guess Magic couldn’t wait. Continue reading “Magic Johnson Steps Down as Lakers President of Basketball Operations”

Homophobia in Sports

Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

Well, that escalated quickly.

On Saturday night, NBA Twitter and the LGBTQ+ community were put into a frenzy in response to a plethora of accusations aimed at Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard. While I don’t want to give too much attention to these accusations, due to a lack of evidence proving these claims true, the key points were focused on Howard’s alleged sexual preference and his alleged threats made in response to him being possibly outed. Continue reading “Homophobia in Sports”