Kershaw Takes the Mound Tonight

Somehow, someway, this Red Sox team is in the World Series. With bullpen problems and a cast known for shaky performances the past few years, they got through all of that by beating the Yankees in 4, and Houston in 5. At this point, I’m take defeated (shoutout to Jim Murray of 98.5). This team has rallied around the criticism and doubt casted upon them nationally. Continue reading “Kershaw Takes the Mound Tonight”

Who else is Having a Heart Attack from the ALCS?

Boston Herald

I’ll admit, I’m a casual baseball fan. You can probably see that through my writings about baseball. I don’t know much about swings or pitching motions or other shit like that. I’m a simple man. I see stats, I see plays, and I can see what are good situations and bad situations. I’m not into the WAR stat or any other nerd stat. I like the Red Sox and I’ve talked enough about them for 10 years to know what I’m talking about.

That being said, my heart last night pumped too quick. ¬†From Mookie, to JBJ, to Kimbrel shitting his pants. Lets take a shallow dip into last nights 5 hour fiasco. Continue reading “Who else is Having a Heart Attack from the ALCS?”