Good for you, Giannis

Just when I couldn’t like this guy anymore, he finds a way!

The MVP candidate just made his way into the hearts of LeBron haters everywhere. Not only does he not like doing joint workouts in the summer with other superstars, but he’s not even interested in being in LeBron’s dreaded Space Jam 2.

The balls! Its crazy even to think that every superstar in the league are in some sort of weird friendships with one another, taking away the competitiveness of some of the games. You can’t tell who hates who. Yet Giannis is trying to keep the old tradition of not being friends with your competitors; I love that!


I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS. I want players hating one another. I don’t want them to team up to make their title routes easier. But LeBron has changed that. LeBron has given power back to the players. That adds to his greatness. But can also diminish it because he’s made championships somewhat easier to acquire than before.

Shout out to Giannis taking the KG approach of not being friendly to other teams. He’s truly a diamond in the rough. When Woj asked him about this, he had the perfect response:

KD teaming up with the Warriors, then Boogie Cousins, that’s all LeBron. Yes, we are probably in a golden age of the NBA with so much talent around the league, but the constant collusion with no punishment annoys the hell out of me. The Lakers being trash is the Basketball Gods punishing LeBron for treating teammates, HUMANS, like pieces in a chess game. No remorse. Giannis? Hasn’t complained and would rather do it on his own. His Bucks look like the favorites heading into the postseason. They’re a must-follow this playoffs. Now, I’ll leave you with this gem of Giannis:

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